Our Menu

Non Vegetable Starters

Tandoori Chicken £3.10
Chicken Tikka £3.30
Lamb Tikka £3.30
Fish Tikka £4.30
Tandoori King Prawn £4.90

Mixed Kebab £4.20 (Consists of Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka and Sheek Kebab)
Sheek Kebab £3.30
Tangri Kebab £3.90
(Slightly sweet peices of chicken covered with onions spitted on charcoal)
Boti Kebab £4.20 (Lean peices of dices lamb barbecue with spicy onions)
Raj Kebab £3.40 (Kebab is wrapped in an Egg Nest)
Tikka Puree £4.20
King Prawn Puree £4.90
Chicken Pakora £3.50
Meat Samosa £2.90
Chicken Pepper £3.90
(Whole green pepper stuffed with chicken and cooken in the tandoori oven)
Chicken Soup £2.90
Lamb Chops £4.30
Magic Mushrooms £3.90
(Deep fried with egg, mince meat and bread crumbs)

Vegetable Starters

Vegetable Samosa £2.90
Aloo Pakora £2.90
Onion Bhaji £2.90
Melon £2.90
Vegetable Kofta £3.10
(Vegetable dipped in egg yolk, flour and spices then deep fried with golden bread crumbs)
Vegetable Puree £3.10
Aloo Chaat £3.10
(Spicy potatoes cooked with chaat masala, onions and cucumber)
Aloo Pepper £3.90 (Whole geen pepper stuffed with potatoes and cooked in the tandoori oven)
Dhall Soup £2.90
Vegetable Soup £2.90
Tomato Soup £2.90
Garlic Mushrooms
(Indian) £4.10
Chana Puree £3.90

Vegetarian Main Dishes

Vegetable Zalfrazi £6.90
(Hot dish cooked with fresh green chillies, onions, green peppers and fresh coriander)

Vegetable Korai £6.50

(A medium dish well spiced cooked with onions and green peppers and relished with fresh garlic)

Vegetable Bhuna Bhalti £7.25

(Most aromatic dish combined with coriander, green peppers, tomatoes, served in a balti dish with naan bread)

Vegetable Masala Bhalti £7.50

(As above, served with naan bread)

Vegetable Masala £6.90

Vegetable Nawabi Masala £7.90
(Cooked in a fairly spiced sauce with fresh cream, cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios and galliano liqueur)

Sizzling Vegetable £7.90
(Cooked with brandy and double cream with various herbs and spices served on a hot sizzler)

Vegetable Dansaak £6.90

(Hot sweet and sour cooked with lentils)

Vegetable Biriyani £7.90

Biriyani Dishes
A Biriyani is made with a mixture of spices cooked with most famous Basmati long grain rice, served with a medium vegetable curry sauce

.Chicken Tikka Biriyani £8.20
Chicken Biriyani £7.50
Meat Biriyani £7.50
Prawn Biriyani £7.90
King Prawn Biriyani £8.90
Special Mixed Biriyani £8.90
(Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Tandoori Chicken and Mushroom)

Tandoori Dishes

Tandoori Chicken £6.90
Chicken Tikka £6.90
Lamb Tikka £6.90
Fish Tikka £6.90
Tandoori Mixed Grill £8.90
Tandoori King Prawn £9.90
Chicken Shashlic £7.90
(Chicken skewered together with spicy onions, tomatoes and green peppers)
Lamb Shashlic (As above) £7.90

Garlic Chillie Korai (Hot)
Prefer a hot dish? Look no further, this dish is cooked with fresh slices garlic, pried in pure ghee. Of course, with all spices and herbs, fresh corriander, chopped green chillies and spring onions.

Chicken Garlic Chilli Korai £8.10
Tandoori Chicken Garlic Chilli Korai £8.10
Lamb Garlic Chilli Korai (Off the bone) £8.10
King Prawn Garlic Chilli Korai £9.90
Fresh Garlic Chilli Korai £9.20

Korai Dished (Medium)
Well flavoured with tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and relished with fresh garlic.

Chicken Korai £7.90
Lamb Korai £7.90
King Prawn Korai £9.50
Fish Korai £8.90

Zalfrazi Dishes (Very Hot)
Cooked with fresh green chillies, onions and green peppers, relisheds with fresh garlic.

Chicken Zalfrazi £7.90
Lamb Zalfrazi £7.90
King Prawn Zalfrazi £9.90
Fish Zalfrazi £9.20

Tandoori Masala Dishes
This is a mild dish cooked in a special Masala Sauce with herbs and spices.

Tandoori Chicken Masala (Off the bone) £7.90
Chicken Tikka Masala £7.90
Lamb Tikka Masala £7.90
Chicken Garlic Masala £8.20
Chicken Chilli Masala £8.20
Tandoori King Prawn Masala £10.90

Special Dishes

Plumb Chicken £8.50
Slices of chicken breast cooked with garlic and onions, green peppers and plumb tomatoes. Dressed up with fresh cream and coriander and serves in a Korai.

Raj King Balti £11.95

Here comes a dish for the Chilli lovers. Whole King Prawen cooked with shell, marinated then cooked with with chopped garlic and bullet chillies, onions, red peppersd and finished off with a touch of Indian pickles.

Lamb Chops £8.95
Succulent pieces of Lamb chops, marinated and broiled, tossed in the pan and then cooked with garlic, onions, chilli, tomatoes and coriander. A delicious dish served with pilau rice or chips is recommended to accompany the dry dish

Raj Wrap (40 minutes preparing time in the Tandoor) £12.90
Fillet chicken wrapped with mince meat cooked with Tandoori spice in with green pepper, aloo and brinjol with all the chefs special herbs and spices. Medium dry dish

Mixed Bhalti Korai £10.90
Mixed Bhalti Zalfrazi £10.90
Mixed Garlic Chilli Korai Bhalti £10.90
Mixed Bhalti Korai £10.90
Mixed Bhalti Gralic Korai £10.90

House Specials

Duck Goan Shank £11.90
Supreme brest of Barbary Duck given the traditional goan treatment, full of flavour, spiced with onions, garlic coriander and Indian archar.

Duck Xacuti £11.90
(Pronounced Shakooti) Supreme breast of Barbary Duck in full flavoured masala, roasted seed aniseed, avantri, fenugreek, bullet chillies and lentils. All contribute to the stunning flavour of this regional dish. Lemon rice is recommended to accompany this dry dish (Madras - Hot)

Amlee Chicken or Lamb £8.50
A mild exotic dish cooked with almonds, coconut, pistachios, mango slices, honey and fresh cream.

Dil Pasand Gaggot £11.90
Bangladesh sweet water fish, marinated in herbs and spices. Glazed in honey served in a special medium sauce. Pilau rice is recommended to accompany this dry dish.

Shatkora Chicken or Lamb £8.50
This particular dish comes from Sylhet region of Bangladesh, a regional favorite for generations. The fantastic fragrance of Shatkora which is from the lemon family and is only grown in Sylhet.

Achari Chicken or Lamb £8.50
Tender chicken or lamb marinated and broiled, then tossed in the pan with peppers, olive oil, coriander, onions and Indian achar.

Naga Chicken or Lamb £8.50
Another fantastic dish for the hot favorites. Cooked with onions, spices and herbs with Calamansi juice and naga chillies.

Tandoori Extravaganza £11.90
(Mixture of Tandoories) Cooked with onions, chef special sauce, garlic, coriander and served in a sizzler. Comes with sauce and naan bread.

Garlic Dry Fry Chicken or Lamb £8.90
Cooked with thin, long slices of onion, red peppers, garlic, tomatoes and coriander. A medium strength dish.

Chef Recommended Dishes

Nawabi Tandoori Masala £9.20
(Marinated in yoghurt, fresh ginger and coriander over night. Barbecued in a clay oven then cooked in a fairly spiced sauce with fresh cream, cashew nuts, almonds and pistachios, served in a Korai with a dash of Galliano Liqueur.

Sizzling Chicken or Lamb £9.20
(Tender pieces of chickenwhich is marinated, grilled and then cooked with Martel Brandy and double cream with various herbs and spices)

Rezella Chicken or Lamb £9.20
(A very smooth, creamy and hot dish, cooked with red wine)

King Prawn Delight £10.90
(Whole pieces of King prawn prepared in a traditional Indian way and cooked in a highly spiced sauce, well flavoured)

Fish Delight £10.90
(Whole pieces of fish prepared in a traditional Indian way and cooked in a highly spiced sauce, well flavoured)

Garlic Chicken or Lamb £8.40
(Tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with fresh garlic in a thick sauce, with a combination of various herbs)

Korai Mixed Grill £10.30
(A well flavoured dish which is cooked with Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Sheek Kebab, onions, green peppers and relished with fresh garlic)

Bhalti Mixed £10.30
(This is cooked with Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka and Sheek Kebab in a special bhalti sauce and served with naan bread)

Tandoori Saag Mixed £10.50
(Consists of Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Tandoori Chicken and Sheek Kebab superbly cooked with spinach in a medium strength, well flavoured)

Garlic Chilli Korai Bhalti (Chicken or Lamb, HOT) £10.50
(A delicious dish cooked with fresh sliced garlic and fresh chopped chillies and coriander with spices and herbs)

Pasanda (Chicken or Lamb) £8.40
(Cooked with red wine in a mild creamy sauce highly flavoured, topped with sliced almonds)

Bhalti Specialities

Chicken Garlic, Channa vegetables, sag, chilli, bhalti bhuna £9.90
Chicken Tikka, sag, channa, bhalti korai £9.90
King Prawn, sag, channa, garlic, chilli korai bhalti £11.90

Bhalti Bhuna (Medium)

Chicken or Lamb Bhalti Bhuna £8.40
Chicken Tikka Bhalti Bhuna £9.40
Lamb Tikka Bhalti Bhuna £9.40
Fish Tikka Bhalti Bhuna £10.90
King Prawn Bhalti Bhuna £10.90

Bhalti Rogan (Medium)

Chicken or Lamb Bhalti Rogan £8.40
Chicken Tikka Bhalti Rogan £9.40
Lamb Tikka Bhalti Rogan £9.40
Fish Tikka Bhalti Rogan £10.90
King Prawn Bhalti Rogan £10.90

Bhalti Korai (Medium)

Chicken or Lamb Bhalti Korai £7.90
Chicken Tikka Bhalti Korai £8.90
Lamb Tikka Bhalti Korai £8.90
Fish Tikka Bhalti Korai £10.30
King Prawn Bhalti Korai £10.90

Bhalti Zalfrazi (Hot)

Chicken or Lamb Bhalti Zalfrazi £8.90
Chicken Tikka Bhalti Zalfrazi £9.90
Lamb Tikka Bhalti Zalfrazi £9.90
Fish Tikka Bhalti Zalfrazi £10.50
King Prawn Bhalti Zalfrazi £10.90

These dishes are well spiced, sweet, sour and hot in taste.
These dished are cooked with lentils.

Chicken Tikka Dhansaak £8.20
Chicken Dhansaak £7.90
Meat Dhansaak £7.90
Prawn Dhansaak £8.20
King Prawn Dhansaak £9.50

Dupiaza Dishes (Medium)
These are medium strength dishes and are made with freshly cut onions and green peppers and fried briskly with spices.

Chicken Tikka Dupiaza £7.90
Chicken Dupiaza £6.90
Meat Dupiaza £6.90
Prawn Dupiaza £8.20
King Prawn Dupiaza £9.50

Rogan Dishes (Medium)
These dishes are cooked in herbs and spices. Cooked in a delicately flavoured sauce with greater use if Tomato Puree and fresh tomatoes to create a succulent flavour.

Chicken Tikka Rogan £8.30
Chicken Rogan £7.30
Meat Rogan £7.30
Prawn Rogan £8.70
King Prawn Rogan £9.50

Kashmir Dishes (Mild)
These are persian dishes which are brought to India by the Moghul. Lychee and Bananas are used to create a unique fruity curry in flavour.

Chicken Kashmir £7.90
Meat Kashmir £7.90
Prawn Kashmir £8.50
King Prawn Kashmir £9.50

Korma (Mild)
These dishes are cooked with pure creamed coconut and fresh cream in a creamy sauce.

Chicken Korma £6.90
Meat Korma £6.90
Prawn Korma £7.90
King Prawn Korma £9.50

Bhuna Dishes
A special blend of herbs and spices to provide a medium strength dish. These dishes are made with freshly cut tomatoes and coriander leaves to enhance the flavour.

Chicken Tikka Bhuna £7.90
Chicken Bhuna £6.90
Meat Bhuna £6.90
Prawn Bhuna £7.90
King Prawn Bhuna £9.50

Madras Dishes (Hot)
These dishes originate from Southern India where hot and spicy food is enjoyed, hence these dishes are fairly hot and spicy.

Chicken Madras £6.90
Meat Madras £6.90
Prawn Madras £7.90
King Prawn Madras £9.50

Vindaloo Dishes (Very Hot)
These dishes origionate from Southern India where hot and spicy food is enjoyed. These dishes are challengingly hot dishes.

Chicken Vindaloo £6.90
Meat Vindaloo £6.90
Prawn Vindaloo £7.90
King Prawn Vindaloo £9.50

English Dishes
These dishes are served with salad and chips.

Sirlion Steak £8.90
Southern Fried Chicken £7.90
Fried Scampi £7.90
Chicken Omlette £7.90
Mushroom Omlette £7.50
Prawn Omlette £7.90

Vegetable Side Dishes

Vegetable Bhaji £3.00
Vegetable Curry £3.00
Bhindi Bhaji £3.00
Mushroom Bhaji £3.00
Cauliflower Bhaji £3.00
Sag Bhaji £3.00
Bombay Aloo £3.00
Sag Aloo £3.00
Aloo Gobi £3.00
Chana Masala £3.00
Tarka Dhall £3.00
Onion Bhaji £3.00
Sag Punier £3.00
Chana Punier £3.00


Plain Rice £2.70
Pilau Rice £2.70
Sag Rice £3.10
Mix Rice (Vegetable and Keema) £3.10
Channa Rice £ 3.10
Lemon Rice £3.10
Special Rice £3.10
Vegetable Rice £3.10
Mushroom Rice £3.10
Keema Rice £3.10
Chapatti £1.60
Paratha £2.30
Stuffed Paratha £3.10
Poppadom £0.80
Spiced Poppadom £0.80
Raitha (Onion or Cucumber) £1.30
Pickle Tray (Per head) £0.80
Chips £1.50
Gravy £1.00


Naan £2.00
Garlic or Keema Naan £2.50
Murg Naan
(Stuffed with Chicken) £2.50
Peshwari Naan
(Almonds and Sultanas) £2.50
Garlic Naan £2.50
Keema Naan
(Stuffed with spicy mince meat) £2.50
Kulcha Naan
(Stuffed with vegetables) £2.50
Tandoori Roti £2.50
CGD Naan
(Chicken Garlic Donya) £2.50
KGD Naan
(Keema Garlic Donya) £2.50
GD Naan
(Garlic Donya) £2.50

Raj Table
Raj Table is a very special dish, prepared in a traditional Indian way.

Raj Chicken (Whole chicken) £70.00
Raj Lamb (Whole Lamb Leg) £80.00

Price includes Starters, Main Dishes, Special Rice Sweets and Coffee.
(24 hour notice required and 25% deposit appreciated)

Special banquet on request
£19.00 per head.

Starter; Poppadoms, pickles, main course, side dishes, rice, naan bread and coffee.