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Our award winning menu has lots to offer from traditional Tandoori to our signature dishes.

Our extensive menu has a wide variety of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes to suit all tastes and all budgets. We have a range of traditional Indian starters including vegetable kofta, aloo chaat, vegetable samosa and onion bhajis.

With mouth-watering main courses to follow, including Indian classics such as our delicious Biriyani, which is made with a mixture of spices cooked with basmati rice and served with a medium vegetable curry sauce. Other popular choices include Tandoori dishes such as chicken, lamb or fish Tikka, Zalfrezi, Bhuna, Rogan and the infamous Vindaloo for lovers of hot food.

If you prefer a hot dish, why not try Raj Pavilion's Garlic Chilli Korai. Cooked with fresh slices of garlic, fried in pure ghee, with spices and herbs, fresh coriander, chopped green chillies and spring onions it really is a heat explosion!

We also serve a variety of House Specials with delicious choices for all. Don't forget to add a couple of side dishes to complete your meal.

Updated 13th December 2015.

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